My Doctor is Your Child’s Health Home.

My Doctor’s Paediatrics Division strives to be a trusted member of your family.

We are dedicated to providing the best care for your child, and we follow national recommendations that have been proven effective in treating children.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality care for your family, and you can count on us because.

  • My Doctor’s pediatricians are some of the finest children’s doctors in the region.
  • We provide excellent homecare as well as digital healthcare through a wide range of channels.
  • Our Online tools and teleconsultation services can help you solve most of your challenges with a single click.
  • Our wellness guides and tools provide families with the resources they need to make healthy changes in their lives.
  • We provide a range of convenient access hours, including evening and weekend appointments.
  • Our pediatricians provide evidence-based care for families. We advocate for vaccinations following national and World Health Organization guidelines.
  • My Doctor’s child health experts are members of the medical staff at one of the finest children’s hospitals in the country.

We are grateful that you have chosen My Doctor to care for your family!