God Mother | Maternity

Maternity care is the health services provided to women, babies, and families throughout pregnancy, labour, and birth, after birth for up to six weeks. It involves monitoring a pregnant woman and her developing baby, providing health education, and assisting with labor and delivery.

My Doctor’s maternity division named God Mother, provides the highest quality care for mothers and babies.

My Doctor is a digital healthcare organisation that is committed to bridging the information gap in the healthcare sector in Africa. Our telemedicine platform addresses critical areas of concern, with a particular focus on maternal health through its GodMother division. Uganda has one of the highest maternal mortality rates globally, and access to quality maternal health care is a significant challenge, particularly for women in remote areas. The GodMother project provides education and awareness, diagnostic and treatment support, and remote monitoring, for women, and expectant mothers.

Our antenatal care program involves routine screening for maternal health conditions, fetal monitoring, and education on maternal health and lifestyle factors. Labor and childbirth care includes monitoring of vital signs, pain management, and emotional support. Our Postpartum care involves monitoring for complications, breastfeeding support, immunization, family planning counseling, and contraception options.

My Doctor’s Healthcare providers have been trained to provide culturally responsive care and emphasize communication and collaboration with the mother and her support system to ensure care that is respectful of her preferences and needs.

GodMother’s telemedicine approach provides accessibility, privacy, and convenience while being cost-effective and promoting communication and education between healthcare providers and patients. Our major voice telemedicine approach is particularly accessible for patients without reliable internet or video technology, as well as those with mobility issues or who live in remote areas. The approach is cost-effective and reduces travel costs and time off work. By prioritizing communication through voice, our patients receive personalized and attentive care. Our approach also prioritizes privacy as some patients may feel more comfortable discussing sensitive health issues over voice rather than through video.

Nonetheless, we offer both voice and video services. Voice calls are more effective as most women don’t have smartphones. Video calls are available for those with smartphones or with the help of Village Health Officers. Physical visits to the facility are reduced by more than 50%, with first-time mothers requiring four visits and continuing mothers requiring three visits. However, they will have high-quality voice communication and education at least twice a month, as well as frequent text messaging tips and reminders.

The GodMother project’s outcomes are ambitious and aimed at improving maternal health outcomes in Africa significantly. The program aims to aid the safe delivery of births to thousands of mothers through the implementation of a comprehensive antenatal, labor and childbirth, and postpartum care program. Mothers are empowered with knowledge and tools to improve their birth experience, including education on labor, childbirth, and postpartum care. The project hopes to create a ripple effect of knowledge sharing, as mothers pass on their newfound knowledge to other women in their circles, leading to healthier pregnancies and better outcomes for future generations.

The data collected from this program is used to structure future education and training for healthcare providers, ensuring that the benefits of this program extend beyond the immediate scope of this project. By providing mothers with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to have safe and healthy pregnancies and childbirth experiences, this program has the potential to reduce healthcare costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth complications. By promoting maternal and infant health, this program also contributes to increased workforce productivity and reduced healthcare costs in the long run.

We deliver compassionate, personalized maternal health care to help pregnant women and their babies thrive. My Doctor’s highly trained doctors, gynecologists, and midwives support women through every stage of pregnancy—from conception to childbirth.

Our maternity services include;

  • Antenatal care
  • Labour and delivery care
  • Postnatal care – We continue to provide support for you and your baby after birth.