Ambulance & Emergency Medical Services

The strengthening of ambulance services is key to an effective healthcare emergency response. The ambulances serve as a crucial piece of the referral system, essential for implementing universal health coverage.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for referral services skyrocketed. To save lives, it became increasingly important to coordinate medical referrals from the hospitals where beds were fully occupied to other hospitals with available beds and enough health workers.

We need to address several humanitarian needs and enhance the quality of health care in times of emergencies. This can be accomplished by equipping ambulances that serve needy communities. Many of the ambulances in Uganda are neither well-maintained nor equipped to respond quickly and effectively during medical emergencies. This impedes the ability of emergency services to respond effectively, creating gaps in referral services and resulting in life-threatening delays for affected populations seeking emergency medical attention.

My Doctor is working to build an internal structure and acquire the best equipment for the hospital’s Emergency Medical Services/Ambulance section.

My Doctor partners with highly-specialized EMS providers that offer prompt, professional, and affordable, basic and advanced emergency life support services. For more information about this service or to speak to a My Doctor representative, please call us at +256 762 31 84 31. My Doctor is dedicated to saving lives.