My Doctor’s admission and discharge office is an important link between patients and the hospital. In this department, we provide essential information about hospitalization. We collect information from the patient and family during the early stage of treatment. We consider risk management to be an integral part of our activities. We focus on improving the services we provide to patients, and increasing their satisfaction.

For patients scheduled at My Doctor, we provide and gather the following information.

Caution on the risks of making a fall.

  • We assist patients by walking them through the hospitalization questionnaire.
  • Explain the patient and visitor schedule during a patient’s hospital stay.
  • Monitoring of patients’ medication use.
  • Information about what foods to avoid and why.

At admission


  • At My Doctor, nurses collect information about the patient’s condition at admission and regularly check whether there have been any changes.
  • The nurse will review the patient’s understanding of the previous instructions.
  • The nurse will regularly monitor the patient’s response to medication.


  • My Doctor’s clerk helps patients to measure their height and weight.
  • The clerk demonstrates how to use the bedside unit and all its provided tools.
  • NB: Typically, you will wait less time for treatment and choose your physician, but there are costs associated with this.