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My Doctor is a healthcare organisation that makes use of technology to create a secure online community where users can find solutions for their daily health care needs. Technology has great potential to transform—and especially enhance—healthcare, particularly in poor and marginalized communities who do not have access to traditional healthcare.

We are developing smart, scalable solutions to address the biggest challenges in digital healthcare.

My Doctor is committed to addressing the technological divide, which means ensuring that medical technologies reach people in developing countries with limited access to health care, those with greatest need.

Nearly half of the world’s population do not use internet. And they are mostly people with little money, women and elderly people living in remote areas of developing countries—people who have traditionally been excluded from information technologies.

Our solution leverages the most basic and widely available technology to allow users with feature phones to access medical services.

However, digital health advances can have significant privacy and data security implications that threaten human rights. My Doctor is focused on addressing security and privacy issues that exacerbate discrimination for our users.

It is well known that disclosing protected health information, such as a positive HIV test result, can threaten the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable groups. This is true in more than 75 countries around the world—where it’s illegal to not disclose your HIV status to sexual partners or use protection during intercourse.

My Doctor’s digital health program ensures that advances in technology are available to people who need them most. My Doctor is working with technology experts to speed up the introduction of new, user-friendly technologies in poor, marginalized or remote communities.

My Doctor provides new opportunities to treat some of our communities’ most challenging diseases, ultimately saving lives. The digital health revolution is already happening. It’s time to close the digital divide by implementing laws, regulations and safeguards for all.

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