My Doctor seeks to streamline and create better accessibility to healthcare in Africa. By digitizing the initial care contact, we save both space and resources for everyone involved—patients as well as society at large.

More patients, especially those with low incomes, are able to receive the care they need more quickly and efficiently. This allows traditional health-care providers to devote their resources toward caring for patients who truly need physical doctor visits.

Our digital and physical health centers are staffed by dedicated clinicians, nurses, specialist nurses general practitioners (otherwise known as family or internal medicine physicians) specialists who focus on a specific disease or condition.

Our digital and physical care centres employ a variety of clinicians, nurses, specialist nurses, general practitioners, specialists doctors as well as midwives, psychologists, counsellors and physiotherapists.

Styled as My Doctor for all our digital healthcare services, we cover a variety of healthcare services.  For instance, My Doctor is offering affordable online healthcare consultation #TeleConsultation. You can now meet specialist doctors using your phone and get an online diagnosis, prescriptions, and more. Call: 0762318431 now.

We are building a platform that connects people to healthcare services through digital solutions. People will be able to consult doctors, request lab tests, order from pharmacies and get online diagnoses as well as prescriptions.

My Doctor was established in 2010 with the aim of providing a full digital health solution. It does this by connecting patients directly to a team of healthcare professionals through its 24/7 doctor-on-call service, which leverages voice calls, chat and video calls—all built into one platform!