My Doctor, God Mother division, new born baby girl

My Doctor’s God Mother Division welcomed its first newborn baby.

My Doctor’s God Mother Division welcomed its first newborn baby.

On January 8th, God Mother, our maternity and antenatal division received its first bundle of joy. A bouncing baby girl, Ainembabazi, was born on the 8th of January 2023 at 3:25 am and weighed 3.7 kg.

Kezia Kasande is the mother of this beautiful baby girl. Her birth experience was overwhelmingly positive. Even though births are often accompanied by tears and blood loss. She received excellent care and was ready to leave the hospital after only one day. Her experience was in large part due to her relatives and midwives who took care of her during the delivery.

Our birth midwives and our antenatal specialists are seeing many of our pregnant clients. Our birth midwives also provide prenatal care and training to family members or other caregivers. They are excellent and are keeping our antenatal clients informed about their conditions. Our doctors are dedicated to helping women give birth safely. We empower women to give birth safely.

God Mother delivers affordable e&mHealth access to BoP mothers in remote semi-urban and rural areas. Plus a God-motherly approach to immunization and childcare. This distributes responsibility and gets more people involved in ensuring that all babies are born safely and infants receive routine vaccinations.

My Doctor provides a wide range of quality healthcare services that are affordable to everyone.